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Who We Are

Many have asked, some have been persistent, and a few know; and we seem to like it that way. It isn't that it is a secret or that there is a hidden answer, we just aren't always sure how to answer the question. Our (or Nicolette's) ACL story isn't as important, as every Club member's story is. The Club wasn't set up in order to tell Nicolette's story, it was set up as a place to come together and share, discuss, comfort, and support each other.

The ACL Recovery Club is the current & past group of members and their shared support system. Really, it is owned by all of them. Without the input, posts, and comments from members like:
            Kathleen OKeeffe, Maddie Fletcher, Anja Goebel, Helen Grundy, Audrey Kuchinski, Gabbi Morris,

            Steve Visscher, Jacqueline Reynolds, Sherralea Yates, Cody Roark, Jeff Couto, Desiree Regillo,

            Sophie Nash, Robert Meier, Victor Beltran, Rachel Jackman, and Mike Kurfis,

we wouldn't have a Club. The ACL Recovery Club is all of us. It is ours: all of those listed and those not listed.

The idea originated some time in 2013 during Nicolette's recovery. Nicolette tore her ACL in November of 2012 and had ACL reconstruction surgery using her own patellar graft in December. During her recovery in 2013, we talked about getting a club together to join and discuss and comfort each other. Nicolette knew 15+ individuals that had had ACL surgery and it seemed like a good idea. Like many good ideas, we didn't follow up and nothing happened. Nicolette went off to college in the fall of 2014 and, by then, she was 100%+ recovered and yes, better than ever. In the spring of 2015, the idea came back to us but we knew we couldn't get a group together up at the local fields or park. Who would have the time? The idea of a social media club or chat room sounded like it might work. It would be a lot easier to get members to join and share and support each other.

In March of 2015, we registered aclrecoveryclub@aol.com. We set up ACL Recovery Club as an organization on Facebook, (www.Facebook.com/ACLrecoveryclub). By April 1st, the Facebook Club, ACL Recovery Club, was established and Nicolette started adding members. Shortly thereafter, we wanted to reach more people in an effort to keep building membership, so we registered "ACL_Recovery_Club" on Instagram, registered "aclrecoveryclub" on SnapChat, and registered "ACL Recovery Club @ACL_IWBBBTE" on Twitter. In February of 2016, we decided to expand again. In order to offer greater support and positivity to more people, we registered and opened ACLRecoveryClub.com.

Life is full of surprises, setbacks, and accomplishments. Eight months after the birth of the ACL Recovery Club, Nicolette suffered a 2nd tear of her ACL. There were some medical confusions and minor delays but surgery soon followed in January of 2016. Her recovery journey continues.

You are not alone.

Nicolette Griesinger
Facebook Admin, Private Messages on Facebook, and Direct Messages on Twitter
12-28-2012 ACL surgery, patellar graft
1-5-2016 ACL surgery, hamstring graft

Brian Griesinger
Supplier of positivity, the glass is always half-full, researcher, Dad
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