Instagram, June 1 -  Wanted to say thank you to this page!! Without you guys I wouldn't of made it through my recovery as smooth as I did. This page helped me and answered so many questions and thoughts that keep running through my head.  It's nice to know you're not alone through this journey. 

Facebook Club post, March 12, 2019 - Hi All - I want to say that this is the best group that I have joined on FB ever! Never a negative comment - always support & advice. My ACL reconstruction was 2.27. I feel like I'm doing well - just want to go back to work & feel normal. So many of you are athletes and are waiting to get back to the sport/workout that you love. I used to be as a teenager, but now just want to walk without cane/crutch/brace. But this injury has inspired me to want to get back in shape - walking, running, cycling, swimming (my fave - love the pool & beach) - take better care of my whole body! I tore my ACL & meniscus by a fluke accident. But I'm going to be strong & give it my all to recover! Thank you to everyone that is a part of this group - for your support & supporting everyone that is dealing with this injury. You are all strong, positive & encouraging people!

Email, May 18 - Thanks for helping me through my recovery process in more ways than you know. This was my 3rd ACL and by far the most mentally taxing-you guys were huge for me! I just got cleared for full play last Wednesday! ​made our day!

Instagram, March 12 - First off, thank you so much for making this page, you literally saved my life...it's not awesome that all these people got hurt too but it's awesome that we are given the opportunity to share our stories! THANK YOU! β€‹Better than a payday for us, Thanks

Facebook Club post, February 1, 2018 - ...Thanks to whomever made this group bc without this group and all these amazing people I honestly don't know where I'd be at today with how bad I was suffering with depression. Y'all are amazing. ...

Instagram, Sept. 5 - Hello, my name is _________________ from Kosovo and I just want to THANK this page so much like it's motivational and inspires a lot of people around the world, my twin sister had ACL surgery yesterday she tore it during skiing. Thanks u so much just wanted to let u know that reading others people stories it made her more confident. Best Regards from Pristina.

Instagram, June 24 - Hi, just wanted to send a thank you message. As a starting PT, these stories are making it so that i can help and inform my patients better! β€‹Well, thank you!

Instagram, June 2 - Very happy to see you have created this page. My patients have shared it with me. I love the environment you are creating. Keep up the good work! Have to admit, this one made our day, week, month & year! Thanks Dr.

Instagram, May 28 - Thank you, your page is truly inspiring and influential!

Instagram, April 21 - Hi! I just wanted to say that I think it's AWESOME that you share ACL stories. You inspire and make it easy to find others in the ACL family. Thank you for a motivating instagram account and please keep it up. You are helping us all πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Instagram, April 16 - ...Your page is very inspiring and it made me feel a lot better about recovery πŸ’™

Instagram, March 24th - I just tore my ACL and meniscus almost three weeks ago and a friend sent me your page and I'd just like to say that I am very thankful for this page and that it is very thoughtful for you to put together something like this for people who have to go through this journey. Not going through it alone is one of the biggest gifts you can give someone and your efforts definitely do not go unappreciated. Thank you!

Twitter PM, March 15 - Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your account. Summer of 2015 I tore my acl, 2 parts of my meniscus and my mcl. It took so much out of me and I honestly started getting depressed Bc I wanted to give up Bc I was so tired of doing therapy. But looking at your account and seeing everything pushed me and made me the person I am today. .... and how looking at your account made me an even better player than I was before. Thank you:)

Instagram, March 1 - manuelg26 writes, "@acl_recovery_club having your support group has been unreal! Don't discount or under estimate what you do for people like me going through something like this. It's Inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Thank you"

Facebook Club post, Feb. 4th - Thanks for managing this group and providing all this information for us. I finally feel supported with really useful info and more informed. Yes!

Instagram, February 1st - Awesome! Your page is wicked and gives everyone hope and inspiration :)

Facebook Club post, Jan. 20th - Day 3 - pain management is better - ice packs plus pain killers doing the job - started walking on two crutches along with physiotherapy exercises advised by the doc - thanks to ACL Recovery Club I was better informed and even spoke to couple of guys on phone who obliged to share their advice to encourage me to go ahead with the surgery- thanks everyone for you helpful posts and advice !!!

Twitter PM, January 11, 2017 - Hello! My name is ________ and I'm a senior in highschool from Southwest Minnesota. A week ago I tore my ACL along with spraining my MCL and a couple days ago I found out the news. It tore me apart. And I didn't mean for the to be a pun. But from being a starter on the varsity basketball team to being a bench warmer my senior year has really hit me hard. I have been playing and running varsity for the track and cross country team since 7th grade. I've gotten the chance to run at the state meet also! My dad recommended your page and I love it. It gives me hope before my surgery and it gives me confidence for my future. Thank you all you post! I can relate to so many stories and posts! Please keep posting!

Facebook Club post, Dec. 26th - My process to returning to play has started! Just got the OK and paperwork from my doctor! Thank you to this group for being a great support for me! For anybody just starting it gets better! Just do your PT and work hard and you'll make it!  πŸ’™ ⚽ 

Facebook Club post, Dec. 15th - I read this page obsessively when I found out I needed surgery. Very helpful and people post so many different topics and lots of people respond. It seems to be a very uplifting page

Facebook Club post, Dec. 15th - Although it looks like a crap picnic set these assorted goodies are helping with my recovery 2 days post op. Just spent 30 mins exercising and am shattered. Ps thanks for the support network it's been brilliant.

Facebook Club post, Nov. 24th - Happy Almost Birthday New Knee Day to me haha. It's been great and also confronting to be apart of this group. I have had many ups and down but in about 14hrs I'll be having my surgery. Trying to focus on the long term advantages... how it will be good for me. Just need to try and remain as calm as I can. Thanks for being strong and inspiring people.

Facebook Club post, Nov. 24th - It's Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I just wanted to say I am thankful I found this group! The support and encouragement here has gotten me through this recovery. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ

Facebook Club post, Nov. 22nd - I'm so grateful for this group! I was injured September of last year but haven't had surgery (scared of the rehab  πŸ˜‹ && Im lazy lol) but today I walked down the stairs one by one! All thanks to reading the advice && stories of those here!

Instagram, Nov. 12th - Back and winning again after tearing my acl, mcl, and meniscus!! Love all of your posts! They are so encouraging!!

Facebook Club post, Oct. 18th - Thanks for this! ... This group has been so helpful!

Facebook Club post, Oct. 9th - Thank you for the Add. I'm grateful that there is such thing as this group on Facebook because I've found this whole process very daunting....

Facebook Club post, Sept. 15th -  I was hoping for something exactly like this, thank you! & Thank you all so much! This is great stuff.  😊

Twitter PM, Sept. 13th - Tore my ACL and meniscus two weeks ago, thanks for making this page as its been pretty tough and you guys really help with dealing with it

Twitter PM, Sept. 12th - Hey! I've been through countless knee injuries, tore my first ACL 4 years ago, and then my second a year later, and have been without an ACL for 3 years and just got it operated on last week. Anyway I've followed you throughout the process and I just wanna say I think it's awesome what you're doing and I have an outstanding amount of respect for the page! Keep it up [πŸ‘πŸΌ]

Facebook Club post, August 30th - Cheers man, congrats on your progress.. I will work as hard as possible and get back as quickly as is safe but not before :) this page will be a big support around the actual surgery time !

Instagram, August 27th - peqenia_gigante writes, "Thank you @acl_recovery_club with positive vibes everything seems easy (:"

Instagram, June 6th - jlopezis writes, "@acl_recovery_club Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm faking it until I make it! No idea what to expect but totally grateful for your page. It has given me the insight I need to have a better understanding of what to expect. So many ACL Warriors leading by example.#proudtobeincluded"

Twitter, May 26th - Samantha Fletcher β€@GBJudoSamFletch writes, "@ACL_IWBBBTE Thanks for the support it helps to know people understand my journey #aclrecoveryclub"

Instagram, May 17th - thank you for existing and offering the forum for support on FB and Twitter. Nothing but positivity. this is so hard on an athlete's soul and it good to feel a little less alone

Facebook, Club post, April 26th - ...This group has helped me in so many different ways, when I was having a bad day people would pick me up and when I was having a good day and others having a bad one it was nice to pick others up. Today is a good day, people at the beginning of their recovery keep your heads up it does get better, work hard and trust yourself and your knees, your body will tell you if you are pushing too hard. You are all troupers and is so inspiring to hear everyone's stories...this group is brilliant. I'd like to think I would be able to encourage others

Facebook, Club post, April 15th -  I love the positivity of this group. So supportive. First thing I do each morning is read the posts on this page - while my leg uncramps.

Facebook, Club post, April 15th - ...That's exactly what it's like, it's so great to read your account- I wish I'd been on Facebook and part of this group 18 months ago when I had my op....

Facebook, Club post, April 11th - Today is one year since I tore my right ACL. Thank you to everyone in this group who has offered me words of encouragement and wisdom! I'm happy to be playing the sports I love again.

Twitter PM, April 8th - 2 ACL surgeries later and I'm back on the field again. There's a lot of pain, but it's so worth it. [⚾️] Thanks for being such a positive Twitter account for the ACL club. It's a nice thing to know that you aren't alone going through this injury. [πŸ™πŸ»]

Facebook, Club post, March 31st - As much as I don't want to be a member of this exclusive club, I want to extend a big thank you for all of your words of encouragement and support.

Facebook, Club post, March 19th -  ...& thanks for adding me . I've been reading some of the posts here & this group is just fantastic . It definitely helps hearing other people stories .

Twitter PM, Mar. 15th - I will and thanks for responding and for being so positive for us all [😊]

Facebook, Club post, Mar. 6th - Thanks Brian, this group has been about the most positive aspect of my experience so far! Really valuable so glad to contribute

Facebook, Club post, Mar. 5th - ...I'm excited to be in this group to be able to talk to people who have had the same experience as I have, and hope we can all help each other through the tough times...

Facebook, Club post, Mar. 5th - ...By the way, absolutely love this group! Its great to know you aren't alone in the rehab process and just hearing other peoples stories is very helpful!...

Twitter, Feb. 26th - ACL Diary @acl_diary writes, "@ACL_IWBBBTE thank you for the motivation"

Twitter PM, Feb. 1st - So grateful, been a tough time for him, many thanks!

Twitter PM, Feb. 1st - Thanks and keep being inspirational !

Twitter PM, Jan. 21st - I tore my acl playing the game I love. Ur tweets really make me feel better! Just had surgery a week ago.

Twitter PM, Jan. 10th, 2016 - I just want to thank you for running such an awesome page like this. Whenever I'm having a bad day I just get on & get endless motivation from you and everyone I find through your page, and it makes this injury so much easier to get through. It's a long journey, but not being alone makes it more enjoyable! Thanks again [😊] I know everyone appreciates it

Twitter PM, Oct. 18th - Oh my gosh, thank you so much!

Twitter PM, Sept. 16th - 12 days out [✊] by the way page is awesome, been a tone of help [πŸ‘Š]

Twitter PM, July 19th, 2015 - You give me hope